International school for Classical Homeopathy (ISKH)




After the center was re-organized, also the school underwent a face lift.

The two pillars training and seminars/congresses still exist.

Because of structural reasons we stopped the part-time training till a more precise date.

On the other hand since 2011 the ISKH restarted giving seminars and congresses with

speakers from home and abroad.


Full-time training

          * Clinical Training Center for Classical Homeopathy

          * Three years theory and practical training

          * Only for medical doctors

          * Unique practical training in Belgium and Western Europe

          * Gives direct access to the belgian Facylty/ECH/Liga diplom


Part-time training

          * Set on hold for the moment.


Seminars and congresses

          * We invite guestspeakers from home and abroad.

          * With accreditated hours for participants from Belgium and the neighbouring countries.