Dr. Geukens

The late doctor Alfons Geukens was one of the most dynamic teacher of Classical Homeopathy in Europe. He taught in many different countries. In general he lectures for advanced students.

Many of his seminars have been transcribed. His method of teaching was very practical, down to earth. He used video cases from his practice to teach Materia Medica of well know and little known remedies, unusual presentations of polychrests, comparative Materia Medica and subtle nuances of observation and case taking that lead to the remedy selection. All are cured cases so severe the most confident homeopath trembles waiting for the outcome.

His knowledge of the repertory was extraordinary and his method of case analysis and management will give even advanced practitioners new ideas. During the course Dr. Geukens brought video cases from his extensive library which he used to illustrate points about constitutional prescribing and long-term follow-up.