Medical trained

The ISKH is one of 5 schools accredited by the Belgian faculty of Homeopathic Medicine.

Every student who finishes the full-time training can obtain the faculty diploma. This diploma

is exclusively for MD's, veterinarians and dentists and responds to the qualifications and

experience required for the ECH diploma and the future diploma of the Liga Medicorum

Homeopathica Internationalis.

These requirements are anno 2012:

     * Minimum 200 hours of theoretical training (school certificate)

     * Minimum 150 hours of practical training (Faculty training booklet)

              - video cases/live cases/ following consultations are part of this

              - own consultations (under supervision): minimum 50 hours.

     * Diploma= certificate +completed trainings booklet + national examination (with jury)


Obtaining the diploma via our school: only through the full-time training of 3 years.

MD's (not following the full-time training), veterinarians and dentists get accredited

hours by following the seminars, live cases and supervisions. They can handle this proof to their

training coordinator.


Non-medical trained


Non-medical trained prersons (f.i. german Heilpraktiker) also can get proof for the followed

seminars and congresses. So they can obtain accreditation points delivered by their

professional association home and abroad. If you have any questions about this, we'll be happy

to provide you more information.