Central position of the patient

To our doctors, the patient is the center of their focus.

This holistic vision is the core of our approach to all patients.

This means that the totality of symptoms and the patient as a whole (both mental and physical) is the focus of our attention.



A state of good health means a healthy balance between the mental and the physical level.

A disturbance of this balance leads to symptoms which create sickness.



Our treatment is not uniquely based on making those symptoms disappear. Focusing on the symptoms would only provide a temporary relief.

To really heal our patients, we try to recover the lost balance. This will eliminate the symptoms and restore the patient's health.





True healing is the aim of every physician and paramedic in our group practice. It is to restore this natural balance of every patient.

Or as put by the founder of homeopathy, dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself:

"The physician's highest and only calling is to restore health to the sick, which is called Healing."

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